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The General Aviation News website serves up aviation news for pilots and aircraft owners primarily at the grass roots level. In print twice a month, General Aviation News reports aviation news, information and entertainment rarely read elsewhere.
Tony Brown submitted this photo and note: "The plane I started training in: A 1969 C150 at Jackson County Airport (I18) in Ravenswood, West Virginia."
There are a multitude of paths that will lead you, your kids, and your grandchildren to a brighter future in aviation. Which path you take is up to you. Finding the right one is a lot easier and far more productive if you consult with a knowledgeable individual who has a connection to the field, not just some random dude who is nearby, easy to access, and tells a seemingly plausible story.
'The pilots' reasoning for their decisions suggests that although they were aware of the risks of flying while ill or tired, the pilots considered flight to be a stress relieving activity, and so they were less likely to cancel a flight based on being under stress. This is despite guidance from aviation regulatory bodies such as the FAA indicating that stress can potentially compromise flight performance.
The new law, which goes into effect Sept. 1, 2021, applies to all aircraft and is expected to save owners of single-engine aircraft an estimated $159 a year based on average annual maintenance costs of $2,500.
'After a long flight, many general aviation pilots have found themselves in front of a marshaller, realizing they were either unfamiliar with, or very rusty on, marshalling signals," said Martha King. "We developed this course to help fill that gap in aviation training.'
The pilot's failure to maintain adequate airspeed and his subsequent decision to initiate a turn, which resulted in the powered parachute's descent and impact with a fence.
Megan Vande Voort snapped these pictures during the 2021 SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo, held April 13-18, in Lakeland, Florida. Whenever the Blue Angels perform at an airshow, a local person is selected for a flight in one of the Blues' jets. At this year's show, SUN 'n FUN officials were adamant that person would be someone who was on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. They reached out to Lakeland Regional Health and officials there nominated Medical Intensive Care unit manager Regina Wilkins. She got her chance to fly with Blue Angels No. 7 on April 14 during the show.
When he was just a 16-year-old student pilot Dan Helsper saw a Pietenpol Air Camper, "the most beautiful thing" he'd ever seen. He vowed then and there to build one of his own some day.
The Ingenuity helicopter's first flight on Mars was made at what NASA officials have named Wright Brothers Field on the red planet. 'We have been thinking for so long about having our Wright brothers moment on Mars, and here it is,' said MiMi Aung, project manager of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter. 'We will take a moment to celebrate our success and then take a cue from Orville and Wilbur regarding what to do next. History shows they got back to work - to learn as much as they could about their new aircraft - and so will we.'
The U.S. Department of Transportation's $3 billion Aviation Manufacturing Jobs Protection program will provide grants to retain, recall, or rehire the workforces of eligible aviation manufacturers and maintenance businesses, including their suppliers, during the pandemic. This temporary program requires a cost-sharing of 50% by employers and 50% by the federal government and can only be used to support the compensation of these workers.
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