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The General Aviation News website serves up aviation news for pilots and aircraft owners primarily at the grass roots level. In print twice a month, General Aviation News reports aviation news, information and entertainment rarely read elsewhere.
Steve McAtee submitted this photo and note: "I took this photo during one of our biannual journeys to Alaska with a group of close friends flying together in a five ship of SX-300s."
Flying Crown Airpark defending itself in court against a land grab by the Alaska Railroad Corporation. If it loses, it could set an unsettling precedent for all property owners along the railroad line, as well as hunters, hikers, and others who enjoy Alaska's recreational bounty.
Aaron Benedetti was out for a Sunday afternoon at California's Livermore Municipal Airport (KLVK) to catch up with his old college friend Darren Pleasance when he got the surprise many pilots dream about - the keys to the AOPA Sweepstakes Van's Aircraft RV-10.
'AeroEducate aims to take that youthful discovery and fascination with flight into a positive direction that builds goals and fun for young people, as well as resources for their parents, teachers, and local mentors."
Sporty's updated E6B includes 22 aviation functions, 20 conversions, a clock/timer feature and a weight & balance calculator.
The pilot's fuel mismanagement and his improper use and placement of the fuel selector, contrary to operating procedures, which resulted in a partial loss of engine power due to fuel starvation.
Murphy Schoemans submitted this photo and note: "The Victors, flying five P28As from the Aeroclub of Uursel in Belgium, did a tour of hospitals to salute the medical corps fighting against COVID-19."
Think there's no way you could own an airplane? That belief is not based on objective facts, but opinion - an opinion that is largely based on erroneous information, supposition, and perhaps just a tinge of fear. The truth is you probably can afford to own an airplane.
U.S. News places pilots' median salary at $121,430, ranking the profession #14 in its Best Paying Jobs list.
When the original specification was created for radar altimetry decades ago, the Radio Frequency (RF) environment was protected. However, with new terrestrial broadband datalink systems such as 5G, these devices may be compromised.
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