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It's never too late to become a pilot!
Why Do We Fly? Pop psychologist Leo Buscaglia once said, 'When you learn something new, you become something new.' This is a vivid description of the benefits of learning to fly.

Students, in the throes of flight training, are constantly undergoing profound personal changes. They're becoming something new with each flight because of the unique perspective aviation offers. If you've ever looked for a reason to fly, continue flying, or involve someone else in flying, you've found one - a good one, too. The opportunity for personal transformation is reason enough to invest in earning a pilot license. All the other great benefits are a bonus.

It's indisputable that any intensive discipline involving both mind and body produces personal growth. Learning to fly does it bigger and better, because it's a pure performance environment. In the first Star Wars film, Luke says to Yoda that he will try and do better in harnessing The Force. 'Try not. Do or do not. There is no try,' says the wise and wizened Yoda. And so it is in aviation. The cockpit is an educational crucible in which the irrelevancies of big talk and half-baked truths are boiled away, leaving a respect for ideas and techniques that work.

Don't put it off! Start Flying Today!

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