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The Middle-aged Aviator - Rod Machado

Over the years, I've heard many stories about middle-aged pilots (45-65 years) who gave up flying due to a sudden onset of anxiety. Apparently this wasn't induced by any specific aviation trauma nor inspired by the relatively small and perfectly normal decline of reflexes and mental agility experienced by most middle aged pilots. What in the world might spook a 50-ish pilot into abandoning something he obviously once loved to do?

Aircraft Weight and Balance Calculation - FunPlacesToFly.com

Tom Ferraro, A&P/IA, performed a Weight and Balance on our 1969 Cessna 172K. He goes into complete detail on the process.

Are you afraid of heights? If so, you're not alone. - Rod Machado

Are you afraid of heights? It's probably embarrassing to admit it, but if you're like most other pilots, the answer is 'Yes.'

According to Chaytor Mason, a retired professor of aviation psychology at the University of Southern California, the rate of acrophobia is upwards of 90% in some of the pilot groups he's encountered.

Several theories of acrophobia exist. One theory suggests that fear of heights is a classically conditioned response. Another theory says simply hearing about the perils associated with heights is enough to spark a phobic response. A cognitive theory even suggests people are frightened by thoughts surrounding their inability to counter a perverse, irresistible urge to jump when near a precipice.

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The Art of Takeoffs and Landings -

Every flight starts with a takeoff and ends with a landing, yet many pilots lack the fundamentals to do them consistently because they weren't properly taught, or they haven't practiced enough to be proficient. Good takeoffs and landings start with a solid understanding and good technique.

Some of the techniques Rod Machado teaches are unique while others you may be familiar with, but Rod often puts a different spin on them or provides an example that suddenly makes things crystal clear. In some cases, Rod will validate a technique you are already using and that can be just as valuable.

Good takeoffs and landings start with a solid understanding and good technique - and that's exactly what Rod delivers in this course.

See how to improve your abilities HERE!

Want to get back into Flying? It's never too late! -

Rod Machado helps Rusty Pilots get back into full proficiency with their personal flying. It's time to get into the driver's seat for the thrill of flight, without having to spend a lot of money. Rod has been an instructor for over 48 years, with a total of 50 years of flying.

Suction Cup Camera Mounts that won't come loose! -

The MyPilotPro Spider GoPro Windshield Mounts were designed around the need to attach to any windshield no matter its' shape or size. This includes curved windshields sometimes found on aircraft, boats, and off road vehicles. They are compatible with all action cameras including GoPro.
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Time for an Instrument Rating? -

Just can't put it off any longer. The airplane is finally paid off and it's time to upgrade the avionics and get that instrument rating. Rod Machado's Rod Machado's instrument ground school is the way to go.

It's never too late to become a pilot! -

Why Do We Fly? Pop psychologist Leo Buscaglia once said, 'When you learn something new, you become something new.' This is a vivid description of the benefits of learning to fly.

Students, in the throes of flight training, are constantly undergoing profound personal changes. They're becoming something new with each flight because of the unique perspective aviation offers. If you've ever looked for a reason to fly, continue flying, or involve someone else in flying, you've found one - a good one, too. The opportunity for personal transformation is reason enough to invest in earning a pilot license. All the other great benefits are a bonus.

Airport Holding Markings: You Can Fool Some of the People... - Rod Machado

Here's the scenario: From your present position shown in the graphic above ATC says, "....taxi to Runway 19R via taxiway Whiskey, hold short of Runway 19R at Whiskey Eight." (The beginning of Runway 19R is located at the far, north end of Taxiway W where W8 is also found.)

As you taxi, you come across a set of yellow solid-double and dashed-double hold markings directly ahead of you, as shown in the picture above. What are you required to do?

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