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Four Ways To Master Your Airplane's GPS On The Ground - Clayviation.com

We got ahead of some developing weather in Nashville and the route had cleared nicely for my final leg home. It was a smooth ride in a low workload environment - the kind that is easy to get bored or complacent. But a good pilot always has something to do, so I made the most of the cruise. One of the uses I found for my time was to gain a deeper understanding of the avionics in the airplane.

Down To The Basics of BasicMed - Clayviation.com

There are a few critical things that every pilot needs to fly. You might be thinking those things are money, fuel, and airspeed, often in that order. True, but today we're talking about two documents that every pilot must have with them to fly; their pilot certificate and a medical certificate.

Understanding Zulu Time - Clayviation.com

What time is it right now? Look at your watch or your phone. Your answer will likely differ from mine and others, even if we are all checking at the same moment in time. Think about the strike of midnight on New Years Eve, marking the turn of the new year.

Lessons Learned From Cessna 172 Accidents - Clayviation.com

It's not hard to convince anyone that flying is an incredible way to travel. It's faster and often more convenient than other modes of transportation. It's the times when things go wrong that people fear the most.

Weight A Moment: Weight And Balance Explained - Clayviation.com

'Alright, you can go with us, but we'll have to go with half full tanks.' The amount of seats in an airplane can be deceiving. I fly a Cessna 172, which has four seats, but carrying four people is rarely a reality. To know what I can carry, I have to run some weight and balance calculations.

Two Methods To Develop Decent Descent Planning - Clayviation.com

We know that what goes up must come down, but when I was in flight training, I always had a hard time determining exactly when to come down. I'd tend to begin my descent to an airport too late, when it was in clear view, leaving me with a more rapid descent than ideal.

Six Easy Steps To Create Your Passenger Briefing - Clayviation.com

Any time I run through my checklists and get to the 'Passenger Briefing' line, I can't help but think back to a scene from the movie Tommy Boy. David Spade and Chris Farley are posing as flight attendants and get stuck with the passenger briefing. 'Exits! Ok there's one back here, and there's uh, probably one over by the wing...somewhere...usually...' I'm always tempted to throw that line out, at least when other pilots fly with me.

Flight to East Tawas, Michigan - Fly Girl Journal

This past Saturday, April 8 brought with it a bright sunny day here in West Michigan. It had been some time since we had been 'wheels up' so Randy and I decided it was time to climb into the Navion and set out on another adventure.

Keep These Five Aviation Traditions Alive - Clayviation.com

Have you ever stopped to think about why we blow out the candles on our birthday? How about carrying the bride over the threshold or eating turkey on Thanksgiving? While they all likely have a logical origin, these sorts of things are often continued today simply because they are rooted in tradition.

The Cost Of Airplane Ownership - Clayviation.com

The ding of the email hitting my inbox brought with it an exciting headline. "Hey, you wanna buy a plane?" It was from a friend of mine who is looking to become a Private Pilot. He heard about a couple of people in the area looking to buy an airplane together.
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