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A newspaper for the aviation masses. The General Aviation News website serves up aviation news for pilots and aircraft owners primarily at the grass roots level. In print twice a month, General Aviation News reports aviation news, information and entertainment rarely read elsewhere.
WingX Pro 7 for Android TabletHilton Software has released WingX Pro7 for Android. Features include VFR Sectionals, IFR High and Low Enroutes, planned route, weather, TFRs, and Special Use Airspace overlays. WingX Pro7 for Android adds integration with Lockheed Martin’s Flight Services system, Geo-Referenced Approach Charts and will continue to be enhanced with the features already on WingX Pro7 for ... Read More!
Biggest Little Air Show1HONOLULU — Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor’s Remote-Control Biggest Little Airshow in Hawaii is back for its seventh year Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 15- 16, 10 am to 4 pm. Guests will be able to drive on to Ford Island for this event, or take the free shuttle from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. There will ... Read More!
H.L. “Sonny” Callahan Airport (KCQF), 99s Emerald Angels of the Gulf Coast Chapter, and Continental Motors Group will welcome the all-women Air Race Classic to Fairhope, Alabama, June 24-27, for the annual transcontinental race.  There are 54 teams with 118 female pilots registered to compete for this year’s championship. The H.L. “Sonny” Callahan Airport will be the final stop and finishing ... Read More!
PS Engineering PDA360EXEliminating unnecessary capabilities helps to reduce the cost of PS Engineering‘s new PDA360EX uncertified audio panel. “The average homebuilder does not need Marker Beacon Receiver, cockpit speaker amplifier or use of more than a four-seat intercom,” says PS Engineering Founder and CEO Mark Scheuer. The PDA360EX processes audio from multiple com radios and allows the ... Read More!
Garmin GTN 750iFlightPlanner users can now create and save flight plan files for use in the new GTN 600 and 700-series avionics by Garmin. This eliminates the need for pilots to enter routes by saving a GFP file from to a compatible SD Card, which can then be loaded to the Garmin unit for activation or ... Read More!
Witnesses on the ground stated that the Kitfox took off from Runway 27 at St. Lucie, Fla., then entered the pattern for landing. One witness noted that, during the downwind leg, the airplane was “very close in” to the runway. The witnesses said that the sky was hazy and cloudy at the time of the ... Read More!
BruceWilliamsBruce Williams sent in this photo, noting, “The relative humidity was unusually high over the desert near Las Vegas in early January 2015. You can see vapor trails off the propeller of my Extra 300L during the pivot at the top of a hammerhead.”
It is great to be a part of the general aviation community where pilots share their ideas to help each other with knowledge and kindness. I especially like to see the many helpful frugal tips offered online from readers of my column. They add their own proven experiences that helped them fly more while spending ... Read More!
Pre-restorationMOORESVILLE, N.C. — The restoration of a rare Windecker Eagle is expected to be completed this summer. Once done, it will be the only airworthy example of the first composite aircraft certified by the FAA, according to the men working on the project. Reportedly, it was also the first aircraft certified under the rules for ... Read More!
B52EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin —  The Boeing B-52H Stratofortress bomber, which for more than 50 years has been the backbone of the U.S. Air Force bomber fleet, will be a prime attraction at this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in. The 63rd annual Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) convention, which annually draws 10,000 airplanes and total ... Read More!
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