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7 Lessons Learned From My Long Solo Cross Country Flight - Clayviation.com

It was the kind of day where you look up and think, "I should be flying right now." Clear skies, good visibility and very light winds prevailed on a mid-sixty degree day in November of 2004. I stood by the airplane in Athens, Georgia, as a student pilot, but ready for a big solo flight.

Four Fun Add-On Ratings To Your Private Pilot Certificate - Clayviation.com

It's been said that getting your Private Pilot Certificate is a 'license to learn'. It's true that you should continue to learn from every flight you take; no pilot ever knows it all.

The Paper vs Electronic Flight Logbook Showdown - Clayviation.com

How many hours do you have? One of the biggest factors that makes up a pilot's experience level is the number of flight hours they have. It's not quite like a business, who might be judged by how many years they've been in business. After a flight, recording an hour or so in the logbook is like making an investment.

An Encore Flight To Route 66! - Fly Girl Journal

After lingering gray and gloom in Michigan, we finally experienced a rare February weekend of sunshine and temperatures nearing 60. So this past Saturday, February 18, my hubby Randy and I decided it was time for us to fly.

Airspace 101 Part 2 - Special Use Airspace - Clayviation.com

When I took the check ride for my Private Pilot certificate, I sat in a conference room at a little airport in South Carolina with the FAA examiner. Before getting in the plane for my flight test, I had to pass an oral exam.

How to Prevent Prop Blur in your GoPro Camera Videos - FunPlacesToFly.com

There's nothing more annoying than going on a scenic flight in your airplane and watching the footage afterward, only to see the black "magic marker" streaks scraping across the monitor. That darn prop blur has messed things up again.

Weather Or Not - The Decision Making Process - ClayViation.com

A successful flight starts long before the tanks are topped off with fuel or the ignition is ever started. It goes back before preflight and past even the restful night before. Today we'll walk through a decision-making weather scenario that begins several days prior to our scheduled flight.

A Guide To The Fixed Base Operator - ClayViation.com

Learning to fly naturally involves your own flight school at your home airport. The plane starts and ends at the same spot each time.

Helping Pilots with Disabilities - AV84all.org

Two groups have banded together for a common goal. EAA Chapter 1083 and John Robinson, the founder of AV84all.org, are building a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Airspace 101 - Clayviation.com

It's easy to look up to the sky and see a bunch of nothing. I'm always in wonder when there are lots of unusual clouds because it gives great dimension to an otherwise endless blue void. On the ground, we draw imaginary lines all over the land, making states, counties, cities, and a multitude of other borders.
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