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Maintenance Test Pilot, Rotary Wing - 1st Shift - (20-DA-001) - Fort Polk Aaf, Louisiana

Company/Organization: Strategic Technology Institute, Inc

Position: Pilot-Rotary Wing

Job Type: Permanent

Posted: 6/23/2021 7:45:57 PM


STi ( http://www.sti-inc.com ) is a private aerospace engineering and aircraft maintenance contractor, founded in 1985, looking to fill positions for an upcoming long-term contract with the DoD. The contract is long-term and has a high level of job stability. STi would love to hear from you for positions that we have available at the site. Apply today and a STi team member will reach out to you shortly to begin the interview process.

Job Description: Maintenance test pilots shall be proficient in flying operations of the UH-60. Maintenance test pilots shall possess a current, valid Agency or FAA Second Class Medical Certificate. Annual renewals of Medical Certificates shall be the responsibility of the individual. Maintenance test pilots shall possess an instrument rating on their FAA Commercial Certificates. Test Pilots shall demonstrate instrument task proficiency on the annual flight evaluation conducted by flight detachment Evaluators. Maintenance test pilots shall undergo and successfully complete initially and annually thereafter during their birth months, an Agency or FAA second class flight physical. Maintenance test pilots shall not perform flight duties when ill, after receiving medical treatment that may impair physical abilities required for flight or after receiving drugs from a civilian physician until properly cleared by an Agency Flight Surgeon or equivalent. Maintenance test pilots shall undergo an annual flight evaluation. These evaluations will be conducted by both an Instructor Pilot (IP) and Maintenance Test Flight Evaluator (MTFE), qualified in Mission, Type, and Design Series (MDS) and will ensure that all Aircrew Training Manual (ATM) tasks required for assigned flight duties are accomplished, i.e., non-tactical base tasks and maintenance test pilot (MTP) tasks are evaluated IAW the appropriate ATM.

General Job Description: STi will be providing Aviation Field Level Maintenance support as well as conducting maintenance test flights (MTFs) and maintenance operational checks (MOCs) as per aircraft maintenance manuals provided by the Government on aircraft assigned to the 1st Battalion 5th Aviation Regiment (1-5 AVN) and Operations (OPS) Group. STi will also support and conduct Battle Damage Assessment Repair (BDAR) and Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) operations. Limited sustainment level repairs will be on a case-by-case basis with approval of the U.S. Army Aviation Missile Command (AMCOM) Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR) or AMCOM itself and these tasks will be relayed to the STi supervisor by the on-site management. STi will also perform daily and routine maintenance (to include launch, recovery, mooring, parking, washing aircraft before/after phase maintenance, conducting weight and balance tasks, non-destructive inspections, and inspect/repair/maintain aircraft survival and flight equipment) on rotary wing aircraft and on ground-to-air communications equipment installed in tactical vehicles to include MOCs and MTFs as per Army General Aviation Maintenance technical manuals and aircraft-specific technical manuals provided by the Government on Government aviation rotary-winged aircraft and ground support equipment. STi will also provide Field Level Maintenance to US Army rotational units participating in joint readiness training, transient aircraft, and to Army reserve and guard component units mobilizing or demobilizing at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) also on Fort Polk and as well as other Fort Polk area of operations.

Clearance Requirements: Basic Background Check

Type of Aircraft: STi will be supporting rotary wing aircraft permanently assigned to 1-5 AVN and rotational units, such as but not limited to UH-60 series, CH-47, AH-64, AH-1, UH-1 aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) series aircraft, as well as maintenance support for the OPS Group BDAR/DART teams.

Hourly Rate: $41.94 per hour.

Additional Rate: $4.48 per hour for Health and Welfare. Wealth and Welfare rate can be utilized for any benefits such as: medical, dental, vision, etc. and whatever is leftover will roll into a 401k for yourself.

Start Date: 03/29/2020

Place of Performance: Headquarters 1st Battalion 5th Aviation Regiment (1-5 AVN) at Fort Polk, Louisiana 71459-7040

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to alex@sti-inc.com or give us a call at 301-770-7077 for further information.

Contract Duration: This is a long standing contract that STi has recently been awarded. The contract with STi has a duration of 3.5 years, at which time the contract will be re-competed. STi and other vendors will bid at that time, and if in the event STi does not win the resulting contract, personnel on site have first right of refusal on a job offer from the incoming contractor. It is a long term position in that regard as personnel will just change their badging to the new company that takes over, but all positions will remain.


Maintenance Test Pilots must:
  1. Be proficient in flight operations of UH-60A/L/M
  2. Possess a valid Army or FAA class II medical certificate
  3. Have flown a minimum of 50 Maintenance Pilot hours in the UH-60
  4. Successfully completed the UH-60 Maintenance Test Pilot Course (MTPC)
  5. Successfully completed the Aircraft Maintenance Officer's Course (AMOC)

Click HERE for More Information

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