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Avionics Manager - Springfield, Illinois

Company/Organization: StandardAero

Position: Management

Job Type: Permanent

Posted: 9/15/2021 7:23:52 PM


Supervises Crew Chiefs, Avionics Technicians, Avionics Installers, and all other Avionics Department personnel. Sets goals and expectations for employees. Evaluates assigned personnel; makes hiring decisions; recommends salary and other status changes; and rewards, recognizes, and disciplines employees in accordance with company policies and procedures. Holds assigned personnel accountable for the quality of maintenance work performed.
* Plans, directs, and coordinates activities within the Avionics Department and plans activities in conjunction with other departments. Assigns Crew Chiefs and crews to their respective jobs. Manages overall work-in-progress and makes necessary adjustments to personnel and resources. Ensures customer commitment dates are met.
* Provides technical advice and assistance to staff and customers regarding avionics sales, installations, and repair. Maintains open communication with customers to answer questions. Keeps Director of Operations informed of problems and work status so that communications with customers are timely and complete.
* Complies with all applicable Federal Aviation regulations (FARs), Quality Procedures (QPs), and Local Work Instructions. Ensures that maintenance is accomplished in accordance with technical data acceptable to the FAA. Is considered directly in charge of maintenance as defined in 14 CFR Part 145.
* Ensures employees have proper training, including technical training, EH S, and business practices. Ensures that personnel have proper training records for assigned work. Trains and assists assigned personnel in proper work procedures and practices.
* Develops communication strategy that provides employees with feedback on their performance, the status of the job they are working on, overall company information (financials and goals), and communication between departments. Promotes a positive and proactive working environment.
* Provides tools and test equipment necessary to perform installations and repairs. Procures special tooling that is not available through the tool room. Ensure all shop equipment is in proper working order, and that periodic checks and calibrations are made, as required.
* Monitors hours charged to jobs to assure that costs are controlled. Reviews employee time records on a daily basis to verify accuracy of time charged to work orders.
* Ensures maintenance activity is properly documented on Work Orders and associated quality documentation. Advises Quality Leader when changes to quality system and associated documentation are required. Maintains technical data allocated to the Avionics Department.
* Ensures that articles receive proper handling, preservation, and storage during the maintenance process, and that non-conforming articles are properly identified and segregated from serviceable articles.
* Ensures personnel complete work transfer documentation between work shifts to ensure continuity of work.
* Maintains contacts at the management level of all major avionics equipment manufacturers in order to resolve supply problems and to keep abreast of new developments in the avionics area.
* Supports and adheres to safety, environmental, and general housekeeping policies. Is proactive in the area of safety; promotes safe work habits, monitors the work environment for safety hazards, and takes steps to address/remove hazards. Ensures safety policies are implemented and that safety is part of every worker's daily practice. Conducts shop safety meetings. Ensures cleanliness of the Avionics work areas.
* Performs other duties as required by the department.
* Duties may be delegated, as necessary. However, the Manager Production is responsible for the accomplishment of assigned duties and responsibilities


* Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience.
* Valid Airframe and Power plant license or Repairman's certificate required. Must be appropriately certificated in accordance with 14 CFR Part 145.
* Must have state-of-the-art avionics training.
* 5 years experience as an Avionics Installer or Technician.
* 5 years of leadership experience.
* Knowledge of FAA regulations and requirements, and Standard Aero Repair Station Quality Control Manual (RSQCM).
* Excellent technical aptitude and the ability to communicate technical information to customers, employees, avionics equipment manufacturers, and regulatory authorities.

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