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MD530 FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR - DIRAB, Saudi Arabia, International

Company/Organization: Vinnell Arabia

Position: Pilot-Rotary Wing

Job Type: Permanent

Posted: 9/28/2022 4:23:24 PM


Responsible for performingduties as an Instructor Pilot-Trainer in the MD500 Series Aircraft andsupporting simulation device(s). Conduct Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW)training, Aircraft Qualification Course (AQC) training, continuation trainingand evaluation of customer students and pilots in accordance with approvedSaudi Arabian National Guard/Ministry of National Guard publications (CMPís,ARís, TCís, etc.). Flight instruction duties include; contact, basicinstrument, basic and advanced combat skills and initial NVG qualification. Flight evaluation duties include APART andPFEís under Day, Night, Hood and NVG conditions to U.S. Army standards IAWgovernment approved ATM, POI, and CMP requirements. Academic instruction mayinclude, but not limited to any combination of Individual or Group instructionin a classroom environment and or simulator on basic ground school topics toinclude aerodynamics, aeromedical, navigation, aircraft systems, crewcoordination, basic instruments, and night/NVG. Responsible for maintainingIndividual Gradebook Folders, Individual Aircrew Training Folders (IATF) andcompleting required training, currency, and readiness entries
  1. Duties/responsibilities:

    1. Train and evaluate Aviationpilots in the MD500 Series Aircraft, conduct InitialEntry Rotary Wing (IERW), initial Aircraft Qualification Course (AQC) training in accordance with the US Army Aviation ATM andspecific unit ATP guidelines.

  1. Develop an Aviation AircrewTraining Program in accordance with customer guidance.

  2. Verify and confirm that allrequired flight training publications are current and complete.

  3. Conduct and evaluateindividual readiness level progression tasks, to include instrument flighttasks during day, night, and night vision goggle (NVG), and instrument flightrules (IFR).

  4. Prepare pilots throughrealistic mission training flight maneuvers under local environmentalconditions to include dust landings, and weather specific desert training.

  5. Provide aircrew proficiencytraining in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) in and outsidecontrolled airspace under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and orinternational General Authority on Civil Aviation (GACA) rules.

  6. Attends meetings as requiredwith Customers.

  7. Recommend aviation instructorpilot and Pilot in Commandappointments to customer leadership.

  8. Responsible for providing direct interface and daily status reports asrequired between staff for training status, mission assignments, missionplanning, and crew status.

  9. Assist in Maintenance Test Flights as required.

  10. Able to perform duties in a culturally sensitive environment and maintaina professional approach, attitude, and appearance at all times.

  11. Able to write effectively in order to develop and update all POIís,CMPís, classes and related flight manuals as required by the customerleadership.

  12. Able to instruct as a SME inall POI and CMP areas, and subjects as required by the customer leadership.

  13. Knowledgeable in the use ofMicrosoft Office Suite programs, specifically Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  14. Other duties as assigned and or directed by management.

B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelinesof duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority toselect and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties andresponsibilities.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities:None. Reports directly to the Standardization Instructor Pilot.


  1. Education Level: Must have beenqualified as a Pilot in Command. Additional qualifications:

    1. Graduate of a course ofinstruction for IPs at an authorized Aviation Proponent School required.

    2. An IP equivalency evaluationadministered by a standardization instructor pilot (SP) selected by theDirectorate of Evaluations and Standardization (DES), preferably in a MD500Series Aircraft required.

    3. 3000 hours minimum total flighthours (Turbine Engine) of which a minimum of 500 are as an IP.

    4. Minimum 500 flight hours in asingle engine rotary wing aircraft preferred.

    5. Previous NVG Instructor Pilot required. Minimum 500 NVG hours preferred.

    6. Graduate of the U.S. ArmyRWIFE Course or equivalent preferred.

    7. Certificates: Army Aviator certification with rating asInstructor Pilot; FAA Commercial License; FAA Flight Instructor or ATPpreferred.

B. Experience:
    1. Experience in Scout, Attack,and/or Utility operations.

    2. Previous Fort RuckerInstructor Pilot/IERW experience preferred.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and abilityrequirements: Knowledge of Army Aviationtraining concepts, administration, and logistics. Demonstrated ability as lead pilot of aflight training organization. Demonstrated past performance and experience inleading an organizational staff to achieve organizational goals. Demonstrated past performance in thedevelopment of organizational plans, policies, and operational procedures. Ability to communicate both orally andwritten. Ability to effectively dealwith people in the supervision of staff and team members. Ability to effectively communicate with thecustomer in a professional and courteous manner. Possesses a valid driverís license.

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