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Flight Training Videos and Vlogs!
Here are some of our Favorite Flight Training Videos and Vlogs from various talented Videographers and Photographers.
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Stick and Rudder Flying - The Cub! - MzeroA Flight Training
Good advice from Jason: Have we moved away from stick and rudder flying? What are some ways you're working to challenge or better said humble yourself in aviation? The goal shouldn't be currency. The goal should be proficiency.
Understanding How The Magneto's Work - MzeroA Flight Training
Will the engine keep running if the battery dies? Should we do a magneto ground check?
A Flight with First Time Flyers - SuperAero
SuperAero takes up his friends for their first flight in a small airplane.
5 Things I Do Before a Long VFR Cross Country - MzeroA Flight Training
What are some things you do before a long cross country?
Pitts S2B - Flight Training - FlightChops
Steve learns a whole set of flying skills.
Multi Engine Flight Test prep - Check Ride NERVES! - Piper Seneca - Flight Training VLOG - FlightChops
Steve is getting ready for his Multi Engine checkride. Do those 'pre check ride butterflies' ever go away?
Forward Slip to Landing - MzeroA Flight Training
You can slip for airspeed, you can slip for altitude but you shouldn't slip for both at the same time. Follow along with Jason as he shows you a forward slip to landing.
Aviation Successes / Failures - Multi Engine Flight Test PASSED! - FlightChops
The Flight Chops year in review.
Engine Failure Runway Remaining - MzeroA Flight Training
Have you ever practiced an engine failure on takeoff? In this video Jason shows us what an engine failure on takeoff looks like with runway remaining.
Become A Pilot! - Trent Palmer
Trent Palmer offers motivation for getting in aviation. It's worth it!
Getting my Multi Engine Rating! - Surprise Engine Failure - FlightChops
A whole world of multi engine flying ahead!
Ask ATC: Calling Up a Busy Controller - Air Safety Institute
When tuning into a busy frequency, what's the most important thing to tell ATC? In this video, Indianapolis Center Air Traffic Control Specialist Bob Obma offers VFR pilots advice.
ACS Slow Flight - MzeroA Flight Training
Airman Certification Standards for slow flight, and what to do if the stall warning system sounds!
ASI Safety Tip: Greasing the Landing - Air Safety Institute
Struggling to nail the perfect landing? Whether you're having trouble timing your flare, or managing your airspeed, try this quick technique - and you could be landing like a pro in no time.
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