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Like Father, Like Son - EAA Air Academy - EAA

A love for aviation can run in the family like any other trait. Just ask David Toelle, who followed his father's footsteps through the EAA Air Academy this summer. David's father, Troy Toelle, was a part of the very first Air Academy back in 1984, and his son graduated from the Air Academy some 33 years later after attending in the summer of 2017.

Flying a high density altitude pattern - Sedona AZ - MzeroA Flight Training

A lap around the pattern of Sedona Airport in Arizona. The density altitude is over 2000 feet higher than the airport's actual altitude.

Adventure Pilot Announces New 740b Portable Aviation GPS - Adventure Pilot, LLC designs

Adventure Pilot announces the release of the new iFly 740b dedicated aviation GPS! The 740b will offer an 1100 nit sunlight readable screen at an untouchable new price of just $499.99! The 740b will include all the same features that made the 740 so popular with pilots.

Flying At Night - Clayviation.com

One of my first flights was at night. I was a passenger in a Cessna 172 on a hop up to Chattanooga. The pilot was my friend and future instructor. I was still a little uneasy about flying - something that a few hours of flight training helped to take away. Every so often I would look below and a tinge of uneasiness would make me wonder how I had gotten up there, but the opposing force was the twinkling lights below and the calm stillness of the air around us. So what's different about flying at night?

The Gecko Air Show - GEICO - GEICO Insurance

The Gecko cheerfully co-pilots an air show before the flips and tricks cause him to get a little green.

A Beautiful WACO on Floats! - AOPALive

AOPA flies in the new WACO YMF5-F built by WACO Aircraft in Battle Creek, MI.

Kitfox High Sierra Fun - Trent Palmer

Having fun in a Kitfox over Lake Tahoe, then over a reservoir north of Truckee, CA.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate - A Pilot's Priority Checklist - Clayviation.com

It's a common practice for a checkride examiner to try to distract the pilot applicant. Ah yes, the old 'drop the pen' trick. Here's how it goes. You're a student pilot taking your checkride to become a certificated pilot. In the right seat, your examiner sits with a clipboard. You are flying the airplane and performing various tasks and maneuvers at the request of the examiner. Each task asked of you requires a certain degree of competency to satisfy its requirements. Maintaining plus or minus 100 feet of the assigned altitude, for instance. After a few of these, you grow accustomed to the examiner proverbially asking you to jump and you responding, proverbially, with 'how high?'

2017 Ultralight glider World Championship - Jacques Bott

2017 Ultralight glider World Championship, organized by ADPUL, in Aspres sur Buech, in the southern french Alps.

FreedomFox High Desert Fun - Kitfox Bush Plane - Trent Palmer

Early morning flight in the high desert north of Reno, NV. Plane is a Series 5 Kitfox with the bush landing gear and 29in bushwheels.

Thermal Shock Technique - Rod Machado

How to clear your sparkplugs if they've been fouled.

Uber Elevate - Uber's vision for urban air mobility - AviationWeek

Uber video animation illustrating its vision for urban air mobility using fleets of four-seat electric VTOL aircraft. Uber plans to begin demonstrations in Dallas, Dubai and Los Angeles in 2020, and hopes to begin commercial uberAIR service by 2025.

Avoiding Flight into IMC - Rod Machado

A different perspective in helping students avoid flight into IMC.

GoPro HERO6 Black - Amazing Footage! - Sporty's Pilot Shop

This video is a real motivator! Advanced voice controls, built-in GPS and digital touch zoom make this GoPro HERO6 Black the most advanced camera GoPro has ever made. Zooming in helps make the final approach much more realistic during playback.

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and 737 MAX 9 Fly Together in Dramatic Display - Boeing

Watch the Boeing 737 MAX 9 and 787-10 Dreamliner soar together as they show off their advanced designs, superior performance and sheer beauty.
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