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Los Banos Municipal Airport, Los Banos, CA

With-in minutes of restaurants, shopping at Town and Country Supermarket, McDonalds and a Bank. More places in town. Basque Restaurant - Woolgrowers Exchange (by Taxi in five minutes). It's a good place to visit for any reason or Wx in Motel is one mile away. San Luis Reservoir for watersports and fishing is 10 miles away.
Submitted by Joe Whoo

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3/18/2007 - The Name of the Supermarket - Town&Country has been changed recently to La Esperanza,right across the CA.Highway #152.from LSN Airport. Spring Fair is coming up in the second week of May which includes usually the youth in Mariachi Competition, five minute ride by Taxi or 45 minute walk. Look it up under Merced County. Thanks.
5/17/2009 - Los Baņos is still a good Town to fly into via KLSN Los Baņos Airfield. Lotsa stores now have settled in besides Ryan's Place, for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The name has been changed for the Supermarket, formerly Town and Country is now LaEsperanza, owned by a Mexican Family. Enjoy your visit. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
10/23/2009 - Many New Stores close by - Lowes, Target, TSC, Wal Martfurthest, some new eats... - Submitted by Jeff Shafer
2/3/2010 - The Supermarket at LSN has changed ownership and is now called; La Esperanza, Mercado Y Carniceria. They have many varieties of Fruitjuices, especialy for warm Summer days and a small Eatery. All the other Cafes and Restaurant are still very popular, especialy Ryan's Place with good food, good portians and great service from their personell. A short 3 minute walk over the busy Highway 152 gets you there. The wait on the Canal overpass takes longer than the walk. The fuel is also very well priced below $4.00 Dollars at SS. - Submitted by Mr Joe
3/28/2010 - The new name of the Supermarket next to KLSN-Los Baņos,CA - Airport has been changed to: La Esperanza,Mercado Y Carniceria. KLSN now also has AWOS-3 on Frequency 118.675. In Spring time the warm Thermals are again beginning to become active below 2000 ft MSL. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
7/14/2010 - KLSN is still a very nice Airfield to fly to for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Ryan's Place for good food, pleasant personell and also good prices. SSFuel is still very reasonable. The Supermarket has a new name for a few years now, it's now: La Esperanza. They speak english also. Some canned drinks are close to experation - 49cents. The distance to all these is just under 3 minutes walk from tie-down. But be careful crossing the very busy Hi-way 152, Traffic wil not stop for crossing Pilots. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
8/14/2012 - Update of the LSN nearby Ryan's Place Restaurant. Found it closed this past weekend 12.Aug.2012 for extensive Renovation. May take two months and then return under the name of BLACK BEAR DINER, same Company owns it. Will , when it returns. The nrby Alternate to eat a quick bite of mexican food is w/in La Esperanca Supermarket. Sommertime WX info: it's very warm, Density Altitude as high as 3000ft. It's still worth a visit. Happy Landing there and everywhere else. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
10/7/2012 - RYAN'S PLACE is closed until mid-November? and will re-open as BLACK BEAR DINER. Go the opposite direction for a good alternate or Mexican dishes in the SUPERMARKET LA ESPERANZA. Have a drink called RICE MILK. It's good even w/o Icecubes. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
4/8/2013 - Los Banos KLSN has a new Restaurant,called BLACK BEAR DINER,in place of the former Ryan's place.It is larger,great menu,great servers serving good food from a large menu,at very reasonable prices. About 0.2mi walk,west from the A/C tiedown.Be aware of highspeed traffic on SR 152,occasionly 3-4 min wait to cross. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
4/29/2013 - Los Banos has a great airfield to fly into and even a greater place to dine at it's called the Black Bear Diner since fall of 2012. great menu, great servers very reasonble prices. Open from 05:00 'til 23:00pt. The location is on the former Ryan's Place. About a 4 minute walk to the west along Highway 152 from your a/c tiedown. Watch for highspeed traffic. You would not regret the restaurant visit. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
7/8/2014 - A short for Los Banos - KLSN - There is a new eatery, only about four minutes from the A/C tiedown to the BLACK BEAR RESTAURANT on the former Ryans Place location. Out of the Airport Gate to your right along the Highway to the West. Beware of fast traffic, that will not slow down for Pilots. Good food and servers, is very busy most of the day. LA Esperanza Supermarket has hot Mexican food niche inside. Formerly Town and Country. Enjoy the flight and the food. - Submitted by Joe Whoo
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Los Banos Municipal Airport Submitted by Mike on 2/11/2014

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