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Flight Training Videos and Vlogs!
Here are some of our Favorite Flight Training Videos and Vlogs from various talented Videographers and Photographers.
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All about Flying Seaplanes! - MzeroA Flight Training
Lets go Seaplane Flying! What are different but affordable ways we can expand our stick and rudder skills? Tail dragger and seaplane flying come to mind. In this video Jason shares his journey to his Commercial Single Engine Sea Add-On.
Sonikhanem's First Cross Country Solo - sonikhanem
Sonikhanem's is first cross country solo video. Great job!
Your Number 1 Checkride Mistake - MzeroA Flight Training
The #1 Mistake I See On Checkrides? Digging Yourself Into a Checkride Pitfall.
Cross-country Flying with Pilotage and Dead Reckoning - Sporty's Pilot Shop
This video tip from Sporty's Pilot Shop appears in Sporty's Private Pilot Learn to Fly Course.
Solo Sign Off! Chasing childhood dreams - DHC-1 Chipmunk training - FlightChops
Steve is one step closer to flying the Spitfire like his Grampa!
Owning the Airspace: IFR at an uncontrolled Airport - FlightChops
Join Steve Thorne as he has a great learning moment during Scenario Based Training/
Flight Training Professionals - AOPALive
Flight Training Professionals at Orlando Executive Airport is the winner of AOPA's Flight Training Excellence Award for best flight school of 2016.
My Best Landing Tip - MzeroA Flight Training - MzeroA Flight Training
Jason's best landing tip... Slow flight down the runway. It's not something you'll find in any ACS or 141 syllabus. Yet if you find yourself struggling with landings it might be just the trick you need to help visualize and feel each landing.
Ice Induced Stall Pilot Training 2016 - FAA Safety Team Central Florida
This training aid is intended to help pilots understand the phenomenon of tailplane and wing stall while flying in icing conditions. The training also explains icing certification rules. And it recommends cockpit procedures to mitigate ice induced stall in order to maintain controlled flight during unexpected icing encounters.
Coming Home - AOPA Live
Follow one pilot's journey from the airlines back to her general aviation roots, and a home on the ranch.
Cessna 172 Full Motion Flight Simulator - Thunderstorm Flying! - Suedharzeisenbahnfan
This is the Cessna 172 Full Motion Flight Simulator of the DHBW Ravensburg University. It consists of a TRC Simulators 472F Cabin and a 6DOF Motion Platform build of 6 electric actuators by SEW Eurodrive.
What To Expect on Your BFR? - MzeroA Flight Training - MzeroA Flight Training
Is a flight review like a checkride? What items should you expect to see on a typical biennial flight review?
Why are Pilots afraid of ATC? Flying IFR with a Controller to find out! - FlightChops
Join FlightChops as they face ATC scenarios that can stress out some pilots!
Zero to Solo Flight Episode 1 at the Four Seasons Lanai - Cirrus Instructor
A spectacular experience for anyone who is dreamed of learning to fly while taking the family vacation of a lifetime. This experience needs to be booked in advance as there are several steps to take prior to your training. Four Seasons Resort Lanai is considered the world's most exclusive resort.
Transitioning To Multi Engine Aircraft - MzeroA Flight Training - MzeroA Flight Training
Multi Engine Transitioning.
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