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Fun in Aviation! The Beacon Cafe, Hicks Field, Fort Worth, TX - - Fun Places to Fly

We flew into Hicks Airfield in Fort Worth, Texas, and had a great Hamburger at the Beacon Cafe and Country Store. It was the best 100 dollar hamburger we've ever had (and it didn't cost a 100 dollars!). Highly recommended.

The Future of Fixed Wing Aircraft - YouTube - NASA X

The NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Fixed Wing Program is addressing the challenges of enabling revolutionary energy-efficient improvements in transport aircraft. Engineers and researchers are reducing noise while increasing engine capability. Exciting new structural designs and technologies are all part of this program that will effect anyone who flies on future aircraft.

Product Minute: GoPro Accessories - YouTube - AVweb

GoPros are the go-to cameras for shooting airborne video. But to get the most out of them, you need charging and mounting accessories. In this AVweb Product Minute, Aircraft Spruce's Ryan Deck runs us through the options.

Exclusive AVweb Report: Why Airplanes Land at the Wrong Airports - YouTube - AVweb

AVweb's indepth investigation of why airplanes land at the wrong airports.

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube - JayLenosGarage

WW II's iconic four-engine heavy bomber.

Aviators 4 FREEview - Soaring - YouTube - TheAviatorsTV

Anthony is introduced to the world of soaring, then embarks on his first experience with aerobatics!

Aeroprakt-22 Short Takeoff - - TheYakovlyev

Aeroprakt-22 Short Takeoff

A-380 Aircraft - - robert jacuwa

A-380 Aircraft

Aircraft Spruce Tablet GPS Solutions - YouTube - AVweb

Now that iPads have become the dominant portable navigation device, there are more accessory options than ever to pick from, including remote GPS receivers. In this video, Aircraft Spruce's Ryan Deck walks us through three popular solutions.

Pacific Aviation Museum - YouTube - Harold Lloyd

Jon Fisher, a volunteer at the Pacific Aviation Museum located inside the old WWII airplane hangars on Ford Island, talks about restoring military aircraft. Courtesy of the Navy Public Affairs Support Element West Hawaii Detachment.

Flying with the iPad 101 Seminar - January 2014 Edition - - Sporty's Pilot Shop

Bret Koebbe, from Sporty's Pilot Shop and, presented a webinar covering all things iPad for pilots on January 23, 2014. This seminar covers both beginner topics for those getting started with the iPad in aviation.

GG's intro to aerobatics - Albatros L39 - YouTube - Global Girl

'Global Girl' having fun flying an Albatros L-39 during her aerobatic lesson in Virginia Beach.

Flying the Feathered Edge: The Bob Hoover Project - YouTube - ThePilotsPilot

Flying the Feathered Edge is a very special documentary film about aviation, innovation, ruggedness, precision, testing, excellence... and getting it right.

Amazing T-Rex Illusion! - YouTube - brusspup

Amazing T-Rex Illusion!

World Aircraft Starts Up In Tennessee - YouTube - AVweb

World Aircraft is starting production of two light sport aircraft at its base in Paris, Tennessee. The company exhibited at U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida.

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