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Pilot Supplies and Gifts!
This Low Flying Aircraft metal sign measures 12 inches by 12 inches and weighs in at 1 lb(s). This metal sign is hand made in the USA using heavy gauge american steel and a process known as sublimation, where the image is baked into a powder coating for a durable and long lasting finish.
Now you can put the Aviation Events that we have listed on our website on Your Website! Simple and easy to do!!
A documentary about Crew 713 - The men who flew the B-24 Liberator, Irishman's Shanty
The Aviation Community. That's what it's all about. Pilots helping Pilots.
Avery Tools is located on Hicks Airfield (T-67), 411 Aviator Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76179. We have a 3500 sq ft. facility conveniently located on Hicks Airfield for fly-in or drive-in customers.
We Have The Pilot Supplies You're Looking For!
We are proud to offer over 150 items of interest to pilots and builders of experimental and general aviation aircraft.  All of them have been personally tested on our own planes to make certain that they do a great job at a great value.
Our goal is to continue turning our creative ideas into insanely cool products, and hopefully make enough money to buy more 100LL (that means airplane gas, mom.)
Located at the Commemorative Air Force Headquarters at Midland International Airport. The CAF Airpower Museum is dedicated to preserving the complete history of World War II military aviation and the memory of the men and women who built, serviced and flew these historic aircraft.
Model Airplanes, Books, Videos, Art and More! Find thousands of Aviation, Military, Civil, World I and World War II items and gifts.
Brightline B25 Carry All FLEX System Bag. Designed for pilots who need a Pilot Flight Bag to carry the max multiple overnight items.
RV Nation is an organization of Van's Aircraft RV and Harmon Rocket enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide the means to ...further aviation and aerospace education for outstanding students.
Aviation Videos
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Wing Construction: Match drilled with final hole size (pre-drilled) - - Zenith Aircraft Company

A look at the Zenith CH 750 Cruzer wing kit, featuring factory-built (completed and riveted) wing spars, and match-drilled final hole size wing ribs. The parts cleco together right "out of the box", ready for riveting (using blind pulled rivets).

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen--MUST WATCH END!! - - Mia Munselle

Camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands in a pig pen.

AOPA Live This Week - April 17, 2014 - - AOPALive

The Los Angeles Times shines the light on Customs and Border Protection's actions against innocent pilots. The latest on the driver's license medical. Where warbirds come home to roost, and saving an airport.

The Aviators 4: Tip of the Week 402 - Instrument 6 Pack - - TheAviatorsTV

Season 4's Tips of the Week are brought to you by Sporty's Pilot Shop (the Official Pilot Shop of The Aviators) and feature special guest star, air show announcer Rob Reider.

Flight Training at United States Air Force Academy - - Awesome Aviation

Cadets from the United States Air Force Academy (KAFF) practice flying the pattern above Colorado Springs.

Is this the 'greenest' aircraft ever? BBC News - - BBC News

This plane here is totally solar powered. Its wingspan is wider than a jumbo jet, but it only weighs as much as an average family car. And next year, the plan is to fly the Solar Impulse around the world. Our science reporter Victoria Gill has been looking at the new aircraft.

Top Ten Reasons You Know You're at Aero - - AVweb

Yeah, Aero is way different than AirVenture or Sun 'n Fun, and that alone makes it worth attending at least once. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli takes a humorous look at how you know you're in Friedrichshafen and not Oshkosh.

MX2 Aerobatics - View From The Cockpit - - Mark Hensman

Aerobatics - View From The Cockpit

Flying Fat Albert - - AOPALive

The Blue Angel's support C130 is a wild ride itself. Come along for a maximum performance flight in Fat Albert.

Tecnam's Aircraft for Disabled Pilots - - AVweb

At Aero 2014 in Friedrichshafen, the Italian manufacturer Tecnam introduced a new aircraft model equipped specifically for disabled pilots. The company's Fabio Russo gave AVweb a peek at the airplane.

AOPA Live This Week - April 10, 2014 - - AOPALive

The ride of a lifetime in the Blue Angel's Fat Albert. A father and son team build the most beautiful Waco biplanes you've ever seen. GAO thinks the FAA's medical certification process could be better.

Arizona Aviation Day 2014 - - Guidance Aviation TV

Guidance Aviation and leading aerospace companies in Arizona met with Legislators at the State Capitol to discuss the significance of aviation's economic impact on the state of Arizona.

Flagship Detroit DC-3 - - AVweb

Built in 1937, the Flagship Detroit is the oldest flying airworthy DC-3 in the world. The airplane is operated by the Flagship Detroit Foundation, which brought the restored DC-3 to Sun 'n Fun 2014 in Lakeland, Florida. Steve Jacobson, who captains the aircraft, gave AVweb a tour at the show.

81 Turn World Record Inverted Flat Spin - Helmet Cam - - Spencer Suderman

Flight Data: Number of Turns: 81.75

Kitfox S7 at Sun 'n Fun - YouTube - AVweb

At Sun 'n Fun 2014, Kitfox had its new S7 LSA with a turbocharged Rotax 914 on display. John McBean gave Avweb a tour of the airplane.

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