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Synthetic Vision for the iPad from ForeFlight - ForeFlight

Take your hazard awareness needs to the next level. ForeFlight's Synthetic Vision has a three dimensional representation of terrain and obstacle hazards, airport markers, runways, and water features.

Double GPS failure during Van's RV-7A evening flight - YouTube -

An evening flight in a Van's RV-7A just to try out some new camera angles and filters. Then we noticed that both the panel mounted Garmin GNS 430 and Garmin 696 were not pulling up any GPS satellite signals. We spent the rest of the flight trying to get the units come up. We're still not sure what happened and why both units failed to lock into any GPS signals. Any ideas?

Flight to Sulphur Springs Airport and the Red Barn Cafe - -

A great flight to Sulphur Springs Airport in Texas. We enjoyed seeing the extremely nice FBO and the friendly folks there. Then we walked across the street to the Red Barn Cafe and had a great lunch.

My Airplane - Bob Rogers Mustang II - GoPro Hero3 - YouTube -

Bob Rogers talks about his Mustang II Experimental Aircraft. An award winning aircraft.

Massive Storm Time Lapse Video - Collin County, Texas - -

This line of clouds came out of nowhere, surrounded by clear blue sky. I set out my GoPro Hero3+ and caught all the action. It was quite a sight. You don't want to fly through this puppy!

Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour - GoPro Hero3+ - YouTube -

The B-17, B-24, and P-51 are on the 25th season of the Wings of Freedom Tour. The Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field in Dallas, TX hosted the event.

GoPro Hero 3+ Homemade Weighted Pole Stabilizer DIY - -

This is a "How to" video showing the parts and steps needed in making a stabilized PVC pole with weights in the bottom, allowing smoother videoing using the GoPro Hero3+. This video also contains shots of an unfinished RV-9A fuselage, Jimmy Dolittle's Stinson Reliant and Bob Roger's Mustang II. Thanks for watching!

GoPro Hero3+ Aircraft Fast Taxi Test at 60 FPS - -

My Cessna was having some nose gear shimmy problems, so I made an adjustment to the air pressure. I did this fast taxi test with the cooperation of the tower to see if there was any improvement, and it seemed to work.

Fun in Aviation! The Beacon Cafe, Hicks Field, Fort Worth, TX - - Fun Places to Fly

We flew into Hicks Airfield in Fort Worth, Texas, and had a great Hamburger at the Beacon Cafe and Country Store. It was the best 100 dollar hamburger we've ever had (and it didn't cost a 100 dollars!). Highly recommended.

Aviation - Shooting Touch and Gos - GoPro Hero3+ - YouTube - SmittysRV

I'm taking time off from working on my RV-9A from Van's Aircraft to practice some touch and go's. It's a beautiful afternoon for flying!

Aviation - This is why I love to Fly - GoPro Hero3+ - -

We went up on a beautiful evening just to enjoy the scenery and do some practice landings. Thanks for watching!

GoPro - Cedar Mills Marina & Resort, Gordonville, TX - YouTube -

We flew into the Cedar Mills Airport (3T0, 3,tee, zero), located on Lake Texoma which has a (nice) 3000' east/west grass runway. We had a great lunch at the Pelican's Landing Waterfront Restaurant, which is about a 10 minute walk overlooking the harbor. Great food! We love the new GoPro Black+!

CAF Airpower History Tour at Collin County Regional Airport - YouTube -

The Commemorative Air Force is conducting a National Tour of Historic WWII Aircraft. This stop was at the Collin County Regional Airport, McKinney, TX. National Air Tour of This video contains footage of the their B-29 Bomber - Fifi, P-51 Mustang - Gun Fighter, B-24 Liberator - Diamond Lil, SB2C Helldiver, DC-3 Ready for Duty, C-45 and many more

EAA Chapter 1246 Young Eagles - - EAA1246

73 Young Eagles, 9 Airplanes and a lot of fun! Visit for more information. Visit to learn more about Young Eagles.

Whoa! A Boeing 737 in a Wall! - -

This is something to see! The Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field in Dallas, TX.

Practice - Review - Improve! The Commemorative Air Force
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