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  Enter your Home Address OR City & State in the "From" box for directions.
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For From:, To: or Via: (points in between), you can enter city and state, complete street addresses. or latitude and longitude.
Separate Via entries with a semicolon (;)
Enter start and finish address, or click on the map to enter lat/lon automatically. Then click 'GO'.

When clicking the map to create start and end points, you can also drag and reposition the markers.

Optionally, you can also enter one or more "via" points separated with semicolons, for example "Chicago,IL;Fargo,ND;Billings,MT"

Click on the trip legs, on the right column, to expand and view individual steps.

After the route is plotted, bring the mouse close to the route to get an icon that you can drag to modify the route.

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